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What is the Love Seat?

In essence 'The Loveseat' is a video guest book, but it's SO much more than just guests recording a video message for you. 


Weddings are a unique milestone in your life: The group of people that you assemble there on that single day will never be together to that extent again in your lifetime.


Weddings also come at a time when our nearest and dearest are growing older, and we have begun to recognise just how important every single moment we spend with friends and family really is.  


We have set out to capture these people in this moment of happiness with you, not with photos, or with words on a page, but by capturing them on film, telling stories in their words about love, about their life and about their dearest memories with you. 


We want your parents to tell us how they met and fell in love.

We want to know about the family holidays you went on as kids.

We want to ask your grandparents and godparents for their words of wisdom.

We want to know about the games you played with your cousins at Christmas. 

….the list of Loveseat questions we have are endless! 


To us, The Loveseat isn't really about love and marriage, it's more than that, it's about the people that love you, it's about their stories that in turn, make up the two of you.


Capturing your loved ones in this moment and in this way is a gift that we believe you only have one chance to get, and we'd be honoured to film it for you. 


Once you've booked 'The Loveseat' we'll send you out the pertaining information document. Filling this out tells us who we absolutely need to chat to on the night, as well as gives an idea about what questions to ask your VIP's.


On the day we arrange a beautiful setting for the loveseat, with stage lighting and a 4k video camera. Our Videographer/Interviewer will ask your VIPs to come up and record their stories for you early on in the night to ensure we have enough time for some fun with your other guests a little later on. 


After your wedding we upload the videos to a shared cloud drive and as well as that we'll put together a supercut including all interviews, a highlights reel for you to see all the best bits, and of course all individual interviews.

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