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That delivers

You and your guests deserve an amazing night, and thats where we come in.

Our acts are interactive, high energy, and experts at reading a crowd

(Comfortable dance footwear recommended!)

Deluxe Band


The Deluxe Package is a show worthy of the great bands of days gone by--Frank Sinatra eat your heart out.

Let us show you how unsurpassed experience combined with impeccable performance and visuals can make your event the best of the best.

Featuring our iconic interactive show, plus an additional horn section in an 8 piece arrangement.

Enhanced with our premium light show and high energy sets from our DJ, our Deluxe package delivers everything you could dream of and more.

The Deluxe band features our most talented and sought after performers. 

Essentials Band

If you're looking for an interactive, fun and exciting night for your guests, this is the band for you.

Including our famously energetic show, a six-piece arrangement with both male and female singers, plus a Saxophone, it has everything essential to an amazing experience.

Refined over 1000s of weddings, you can expect packed dance-floors and an unforgettable party.

With a variety of stunning vocalists and highly experienced performers, our bands are able to put on an amazingly entertaining and fun show every time.

Most bands have cheap dance floor lights, not us!

Our dynamic light show is industry leading, and will elevate the aesthetic of the night. Your videographer will create dance floor magic.


Knowing what music to play at your event can be a chore, but you can be sure our DJ's have it sorted.

With playlists based on our tried and tested band repertoire, and mixes that are exciting and creative, the D-floor will be going all night.

Have a dream list of tunes? Share it with us and we will turn it into a unique experience, so you can groove the night away. 

Acapella Quartet

Sometimes simple is better.

Being one of our more unique arrangements, its perfect for those occasions that call for a lighter touch.

It features four part harmonies by our founding members, and renditions of the great songs we all love.

Your guests will thoroughly enjoy the attention to detail and dreamy sound.

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