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Ceremonies by


Your Ceremony music should reflect how unique your relationship truly is. 

Our artists achieve this by carefully tailoring your most beloved songs, to build a soundtrack that will heighten the emotions of the moment.

Waterproof mascara is your friend!

We understand every second at a Ceremony is precious. Counting your steps as you walk down the aisle can take away from the enjoyment of such a fleeting moment.

Our performers adjust your song as you walk, so you arrive at the perfect point in time. 

Have special songs on your mind?

We will learn any Aisle, Signing and Exit songs you choose, and perform before and after proceedings.

The music doesn't stop there.


Canapé's are included in all our arrangements. The perfect background to chat with good friends.

You can choose from Duos, Trios, String quartets, and solo performers. Ask us which arrangement is best for your event.

Want a particular artist for your whole event? 

Book a Ceremony duo and secure your favourite performer at the Reception.

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